Welcome, I'm Sheetal

“Empowering women with feminine power by building their confidence & relationships for the happiness they deserve”

How I got here

I'm Certified Image & Life Coach

Hi, I’m Sheetal Raj, a Homemaker, turned Confidence & Happiness Coach. Being a mom,a housewife & understanding every women struggle, I’m on a mission to awaken and reclaim the shine of every lady & heal from selfdoubt & pain. I founded the ASTITVA in 2018 to fix this problem. Today, we are over 2500+ paid members and growing. 


I will help you find your lost Confidence and owning your life back feeling happy and having a beautiful family life 


Build A Community

To foster a safe, supportive, and uplifting community of like-minded and like-hearted women who are ready, willing, and able to make a healthy change in their lives and coach them toward improving and enhancing their physical, mental, and emotional well-being.


My mission is to help women, adolescent girls, families, and couples become the greatest versions of themselves so that their relationships will be stronger, our children will have a better future, and the community as a whole will be healthier as a result.



When women are looking, feeling, and performing at their personal best, they are capable of experiencing their richest and most meaningful life now and for the decades yet to come


Trusting in the fact that each woman is the expert in her own life and that she holds all the answers, I coach each client toward her vision through mindful listening, asking thought-provoking questions, discovering her motivators and strengths, and empowering her to build confidence, resilience, hope, and self-motivation along the way.


To help my clients build long-term healthy lifestyle habits and behaviour’s.
To coach my clients to lasting changes they will keep for a lifetime.
To love my clients and walk beside them at their own pace every step of the way on their journey.

How I can help you be happier

One-on-One Counseling

I design individualized programs that assist you in taking charge of your life and realising your full potential, whether it is in terms of relationships, profession, or how you feel when you get up in the morning.

Meeting me for coffee (or tea, or water with lemon, your choice!) and a discussion is the first step. There are no conditions attached; this is only for us to determine if we are a good match.

Then we’ll begin one-on-one coaching if you’re ready for me to assist you in mastering the skill of designing your life

Motivational Speaker for Event

Book me for 2 hours, 4 hours, or a full day.

I’d love to tell your gang all about the 8 Steps to Designing Your Life!

Trainer with experience in training small and large groups across diverse industries. Proven success in reinforcing mental well being among the corporate executives and deliver successful training programs. 

Whom I can help

  • Working women professionals
  • Family as a whole
  • Mothers
  • Homemakers
  • Housewives
  • Teens 
  • Girls ready to get married

Are you ready to take charge of your relationships & confidence for the happiness you want in your life?

Frequently Asked Questions

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Yes. I guarantee that if you follow your goals and action steps, open yourself fully to your coaching and dedicate enough time and effort, you will get great results from your life coaching. I use many effective ways to coach you towards that. Every session, you will learn a different technique and I will give you extra work to incorporate the new learning into your life.

With a track record of hundreds of clients, we are confident that this program will help you make a change in your life towards your desired results.

Absolutely! I guarantee never to use your details or anything you say without getting your permission first. At the end of the program, you will be asked to write your feedback and you can choose whether you want this information to stay confidential or not

By working with my clients over the phone, I find that they often feel more comfortable opening up more, going deeper, and exhibiting greater authenticity, honesty, and reflection. I have also found that my clients appreciate not having to drive to our sessions; rather, they can “come as they are” from the comfort, privacy, and convenience of their own home or office.